MMU student launches campaign tackling food waste

  • NQ today officially launched it's Don't Waste It campaign
  • The Manchester-based campaign, led by MMU student and NQ reporter, Will Strickland, is aiming to raise awareness about the amount of food we waste each year 

In the UK each year, we throw away an estimated 10 million tonnes or more worth of food waste. In that 10 million tonnes, 70% comes from household waste alone, of which four to five and a half million tonnes of it is avoidable and edible. As a nation, we are the leading country in the EU for food waste, topping the charts at two million tonnes more than the following country, Germany, according to Eurostat, European Union Committee. 

The campaign, Don’t Waste It, which is Manchester based, aims to make members of the public aware of how much food we are wasting as a nation and gives opportunity for people to learn about better ways in which we can use their waste food. A staggering 8.4 million people across the UK are considered to be in crisis and Don’t Waste it would like to invite you to join them in their fight against hunger to help some of these people.

Don’t Waste it looks at real life stories of people using charities supported by surplus food from our homes and supermarkets. It also looks at initiatives taken by big supermarket brands that have already joined the fight against hunger and are trying to eradicate all food waste.

Join us in our fight against hunger and have a look at our website to get more information and see how you can get involved.

Follow the campaign here.