MMU student launches campaign to raise awareness about male mental health

  • The NQ officially launched it's Male Mental Health campaign
  • Led by reporter Mohammed Ahmed, the campaign is aiming to raise awareness about male mental health

Mental health is an issue which affects everyone. Even if you are not a sufferer, the odds that someone close to you will be.

Campaign leader Mo said: “My campaign is about mental health. It is a very personal campaign because it is an issue that has affected me personally. Besides this it also affects millions and millions of people every day. I decided to do the campaign because I felt that several issues related to mental health were not being highlighted sufficiently by the mainstream media.”

As all of the statistics from charities and voluntary organisations will show, male mental health is a serious problem. 70% of suicides are of young men, or middle aged men in their early 40s or late 30s.

Society for a long time has chosen to ignore this problem or pretend that it does not exist. We are less comfortable talking about these issues than we are about gender equality or race equality, which are definitely important, but we should not ignore many of the issues that face men as well.

Our mission with this campaign is to highlight problems that the mainstream media does not report about enough.

Details of the campaign can be found here