MMU student launches campaign to help students with mental health problems

  • The Northern Qouta launches 'Calm Campus' campaign



Calm Campus aims to provide information and insight that will help students who are potentially experiencing any mental health difficulties.

Students are under so much academic and financial pressure it is unsurprising that 1 in 4 students will suffer from a mental health problem every year. Since tuition fees trebled in 2012 to £9,000 there is extra pressure to make it all worthwhile, whilst at the same time making sure that they keep up with their peers socially.

Social media plays a massive part in students mental health and in this campaign we gain insight in to what it's like to live without it altogether, and gain advice from a Samaritan worker who has since made an app that aims to help people's mental health through posting and sharing.

Unsurprisingly this has seen a troubling surge in students seeking counselling from stretched mental health services. This campaign's goal is to educate students on the current state of mental health services.

Calm Campus, let's talk/post/share,