Revolution bar

MMU sport societies given cash by Revolution after boycotting the club

  • MMU Sport Societies boycott Revolutions event 'Hotmess'
  • Claim that poor organisation and bouncers 'abusing their power' behind it
  • Hotmess offer cash incentives of up to £100 to get societies returning 


MMU Sports Societies have been given cash incentives and free food after boycotting Revolution nightclub in the town centre.

The sport students started the boycott of the ‘Hotmess’ event held at Revolution, on Deansgate on Wednesday nights after reports of overly aggressive bouncers, poor queuing systems and overcrowding. 

Jonny Shephard, who runs Hotmess, called a meeting between all sports societies to try and get the societies coming back to Revolution.

At the meeting, complaints were made about the disorganisation and that bouncers were allegedly abusing their powers  

Following the meeting Shephard sent a message via Whatsapp to all of the social secretaries which said: “We are going to run a cash back deal for your teams as an incentive for you to come to Hotmess… Every 3 times you come to Hotmess we will give you £100 cash back.”

The message also addressed the complaints about the doormen: “The doorman who got involved a few weeks ago and threw punches was sacked immediately after reviewing the CCTV of what happened”.

Nathan Hardy, Manchester Metropolitan lacrosse teams social secretary, believes poor organisation is the reason behind the boycott of Hotmess.

He said: “I think everyone loves the night. The actual night at Revs everyone loves as a society, it seems to be the best one out of the options we have but everyone thinks its poorly run. The queueing system on society nights is terrible, the bouncers just don’t seem to run it very well.” 

He said it should never have got to point where teams started to boycott the event and said of the cash incentives: “It’s good because it shows they want us to go and that we are a big part of their club on a Wednesday, but it it does make them seem a bit desperate. Why should they offer us cash to go?  

“It’s good that they’ve offered us that and tried to fix it but at the same time it should never have got to that stage in the first place.”