All Saints library

MMU library secures its place in UK’s top 10 most popular university libraries

  • Man Met library has large following on Instagram, study finds
  • Students say library offers quite place where they can 'focus on work'

Manchester Metropolitan University’s  All Saints library has been ranked ninth in the UK’s most popular university libraries by the Knowledge Academy (TKA).

The training course provider TKA  based their study on an in depth analysis of Instagram analytics.

The Instagram pages and hashtags of 200 UK university libraries were analysed overall, as well as around 300 university libraries across the world.

The results showed that a mixture of old and modern architectural libraries were deemed popular among students.

Second year adult nursing student Louise Bell enjoys the library when she needs a “change of atmosphere from being at home”, something a lot of students will resonate with after the lockdowns in the UK due to the pandemic.

The library is currently open 24 hours-a-day, seven days-a-week, and students are able to access what they need no matter what their personal schedule is.

“Uni life can get quite quite hectic sometimes so it’s nice to have somewhere to go where you can really focus on your work,” she said.

Louise admires both the on campus and online university library facilities, and has always been able to find the resources she needs for her course so far.

Manchester managed to claim two spots on the list, making it a popular destination for students to study.

The University of Manchester’s (UOM)  John Ryland’s library claimed the second spot for the UK’s most popular and beautiful campus libraries in the UK, only being beaten but University of Oxford’s Radcliffe Library.

UoM’s library has managed to rack up over 22,000 hashtags on Instagram so far, while MMU has more than 1,000 hashtags and almost 3,000 followers on its account.