Unit X: Protest fashion (Credit: Israel Zoro)

MMU Fashion Students Make A Statement In Protest-Themed Show

  • NQ's Chloe Cawood reviews the Unit X Fashion Show
  • The Manchester School of Art's fashion department's protest show portrayed protests such as the ‘The Civil Rights Movement’, ‘Black Lives Matter’ and ‘Pussy Riot’

Throughout history, protests have been demonstrated to make an array of statements. They are founded on outrage and unite masses of people together to push for change. However, a statement can be made through something as small as the clothes you choose to wear.

As part of their Unit X module, students from The Manchester School of Art collaborated to exhibit the power of protests through the medium of fashion, styling and impressive imagery. A professional runway was assembled and surrounded by seats filled by spectators in MMU’s Benzie Building on Tuesday to become a stage for a mini-protest which beautifully captured a combination of relevant social issues as well as retelling the tale of historic demonstrations.

Garments assembled by the fashion students portrayed a multitude of protests such as the ‘The Civil Rights Movement’, ‘Black Lives Matter’ and ‘Pussy Riot’ protests using various fabrics to fit their chosen themes. 

Unit X: Protest fashion (Credit: Israel Zoro)
Unit X: Protest fashion (Credit: Israel Zoro)

The set, designed by Fashion Art Direction students, came to life with models representing the themed outfits in a professional manor. The frequent flashing of cameras combined with climatic music created a mesmerising atmosphere which engrossed the entire attention of every audience member.  One by one, the models flaunted their outfits whilst holding up protest signs which displayed haunting phrases to highlight to the audience the gravity of these serious situations.

 Oliver Perry, a Fashion Art Direction student stated, “I was abit apprehensive about walking down a runway as I have never done it before, but the response from the audience made it an amazing experience”

The wave of applause from spectators demonstrated that the Unit X fashion show was a success. Anze, a Fashion Art Direction tutor at MMU could not have been happier with the final show. He said “The students embraced the topical protest theme well when it was launched in November”