Mind yours launch piece

  • The campaign is to raise awareness of the pressures on young men to have the perfect body
  • It will try to encourage more young men to be happy in their own skin
  • It also aims to give a balanced and professional view of the severity of the issue

Today the Northern Quota is launching the mindyours campaign. We aim to raise awareness for young men as they battle with the pressures of conforming to a masculine stereotype. The campaign is important  because more and more young men are going to extremes to achieve the perfect body. Government statistics confirm that body image is one of the top three concerns for young people. By the time they are into their early twenties it is reported around 8% of young people will have taken diet pills and in some cases will have resorted to plastic surgery to create an image that social media deems to be perfect. The major pressures are leading to much more serious issues such as depression, anxiety and low self-esteem.

The focus of the campaign is to help encourage young men in particular to embrace themselves and not to buy into the tyranny of the perfect image. We are trying to change the perceptions of others. It is about time everybody started to realise we are all individuals and we should all be comfortable with who we are. We would like people to answer a survey about the pressure facing today’s young men. #Mindyours #Nonameshaming.

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