Middleton man jailed after breaking into family home while children slept

  • Matthew Tyner was sentenced to more than seven years in prison
  • Female victim climbed out of window to escape

A Middleton man has been jailed after breaking into a family home during a burglary in Stockport.

Matthew Tyner, 37, appeared at Minshull Street Crown Court and was sentenced to seven years and four months after pleading guilty to aggravated burglary.

“Motivated by greed” Tyner smashed the patio doors of the house in Newsham Road looking to steal money and car keys from the family. He was met by a terrified couple who refused to hand over any goods as their children slept upstairs.

The woman climbed out of a window to escape Tyner and alerted neighbours, causing Tyner to drive away empty handed. He was later arrested on Tillard Avenue in Stockport.

The family were not injured during the break-in, but police say they are still feeling the emotional effects of the event which took place in November.

Detective Constable Matthew Tarr said: “Tyner showed a complete disregard for this innocent family as he broke in to their house whilst they were relaxing and watching television.

“I hope today’s sentencing goes some way to helping the family move forwards from this and also sends a message that we will not tolerate burglaries in Greater Manchester.”