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Metrolink tram fare rise slammed by Mancunians

  • NQ asks Metrolink asks passengers what they think of the proposed 6% rise in prices

This week it has been announced that  Metrolink in Manchester will increase  fares for the next there years by 6%.

Tram fares have been frozen since 2014 and bosses say the fares are intended to generate revenue  to grow the network and cover increased operating costs. 

We spoke to the people of Manchester who use the Metro daily and asked how they felt about the increase. 

metrolink, manchester, fares rise
Sam Downhill
metrolink, manchester, fares rise
Colette Carroll
metrolink, manchester, fares rise
Ellie Caulfield


Project co-ordinator Collette Carroll, 66, from Prestwich, said: “It won’t be an issue for me as I have a travel pass but I still think it’s outrageous and not fair on people that can’t afford it.”

Ellie Caulfield, 22 a sales advisor from  Castlefield has similar views to Collette, said: “It’s a liberty, my route is secured and I don’t want to be paying more than I am already.”

Ellie travels to Altrincham  five daysa- week for work, already paying £60 a month. 

Sam Downhill, 23, who works in account and is from Chorlton said: “Already very expensive, and to increase these prices just for the sake of covering other expenses within the metro link is very conning.”

Sharon Clancey, 51, of  Didsbury, added “It’s quite a large increase, I would of recieved the news better if it was a gradual increase and over a period of time.”

Sharon is a psychiatric general nurse who uses the Metrolink as her main form of transport to work.