Metrolink gives thanks to the armed forces on Armistice Day

  • Trams will take park in two-minute silence by stopping all trams on Armistice Day and Remembrance Sunday
  • Out-of-uniform officers are given free travel on the tram for the day

Metrolink is joining the nation by stopping services from at before 11am for 2 minutes durng today’s Armistice Day commemorations.

Service will then resume as normal throughout the rest of the day with just a few minor changes.

Today at 11am the city will fall silent for Armistice Day, marking 100 years since the end of the First World War.

FfGM is expecting crowds of up to 55,000 in the city so public transport will be busier than usual.  

To mark Remembranc Day, Metrolink is allowing free travel to out-of-uniform officers within off-peak tram times. Just showing an identification badge will allow the Army, Navy and Royal Air Force to travel for free for the full day.

Ordinarily officers in uniform are granted free travel for off-peak services but this has been extended to out-of-uniform officers for the special day.

TfGM have urged customers to check the website for updates on any travel and updates for lines. Later that day Manchester United v Manchester City will take place at the Etihad stadium, causing busier services too.

Please check the TfGM website for your services before travelling