Media City invaded by Daleks as part of Lightwaves 2018

  • Lightwaves 2018 comes to Media City and Salford Quays
  • Displays on until the 16th of December 

This weekend saw Media City and Salford Quay taken over by a group of Daleks. Their cries of ‘Exterminate’ can be heard along the noise of arriving trams and passing visitors.

The invasion was put together by the team behind the Blackpool Illuminations and is part of the 2018 Lightwaves Festival.

Tardis - Lightwaves festival
A Dalek at Media City – Part of Lightwaves Festival

The nine day festival comes to life at dusk each evening and is showcasing some of the worlds best interactive outdoor art.

There are 16 installations are all free to view and include exhibits from artist around the world.

lightwaves festival
Displays at Lightwaves Festival. Photo by Quay Culture

This includes pieces by artists such as Stanza, an internationally recognised London based artist. 

His piece at the festival is called Youth Culture and is designed to challenge our pre-conceptions of the youth. 

The piece is a towering sculpture of a hooded youth illuminated through feeds of data and information shows.  

The artwork encourages engagement and public participation. Ultrasound sensors stimulate LEDs in turn changing the sculpture’s activity and appearance in response to audience stimulation.

Other displays include the returning Red Squirell Sculptre from a previous show called Unnatural Borders. The commission by Sober Industries lights up with a awesome display of colours.

Giant Red Squirrel
The Red Squirell Sculpture. Photo by Quay Culture

This is the sixth time festival has been in this part of the city and this year an app has been produced to help you navigate the displays. 

The festival is running until the 16thof December so you have plenty of time to go check it out. Search lightwaves 2018 on your device’s app store to find the app.