Meat dumping and fly tipping on the rise in Longsight

  • Residents of Longsight have been made aware of several incidents of meat dumping.
  • Fly tipping and littering is on the rise in the Longsight area.
  • Councillors are urging people to report any sightings.

Residents of Longsight have been made aware of several incidents of meat dumping in green spaces throughout the area.

Continuous incidents around Nutsford vale and other green spaces around Longsight have been reported.

Now councillors are urging people to report any sightings.

Devastating impact

These incidents are having a devastating impact on the local community living in Longsight.

Nutsford Vale Spooky walk had to be cancelled as a result of the meat dumping.

An alleyway full of rubbish in Longsight, an area known to residents for its litter and fly tipping. Photo Credit: Zoe Spencer

A priority request was put in for CCTV along Matthews lane where the dumping is believed to have taken place.

A number of residents are also unhappy with the amount of littering and fly tipping that goes on especially in alleyways around Longsight.

There have been several initiatives across Longsight to help clean up the green spaces.

Longsight is one of the only areas to have litter signs in a variety of languages reflecting the ethnically diverse community but also the importance of getting through to locals.

Longsight is one of the only areas in Manchester to have signs in multiple languages. Photo Credit: Zoe Spencer

Manchester Council

A spokesperson from Manchester City Council has said :”Staff working for our parks service will continue to monitor the locations managed by the Council and will immediately respond to any other fly-tipping.

“Investigations into previous incidents where meat was dumped are ongoing.”

Councillor Suzanne Richards said: “It has been going on for a while.

“There’s been a lot of work done by the council to try and identify the culprit.

‘Really upsetting’

“We’re trying to raise awareness that it’s happening, asking people to be vigilant and hopefully somebody might see something that’s helpful.

“It is obviously really upsetting for us a community level.

“We’ve had some extra signage put up and officers are working really, really hard to try and identify and we’re kind of appealing really to the public to help us.

 “If they see anything what however small, let us know when they can do it anonymously.

“It would be great if some of these leads come to something and we’re able to prosecute someone and the council is very serious about that.

“They will always go to prosecution if they’ve got enough evidence and that then hopefully acts as a deterrent from anybody else doing it”.