Mandelson talks to Man Met Uni about student fees and chippy teas

The new Chancellor of Manchester Metropolitan University, Lord Mandelson, wants to hear from students about the difficulties they face with tuition fees.

In an exclusive interview for Northern Quota , on the day he was installed as Chancellor, he said he:

“.. would like to hear from students themselves on what experience they’re having…and about what the consequences are of our current funding basis, and whether it’s bearable, wearable, or whether we’ve got to make changes. If we have, that’s what I’ll speak up for”.

In the interview he also reveals why he has taken on the role at Manchester Metropolitan University, why he is delighted to be called an “ honorary Mancunian” and why remaining in the EU is vital for university funding.

But Lord Mandelson wouldn’t be drawn on whether he prefers curry sauce, gravy, or even mushy peas, with his chippy tea.