Manchester’s newest way to fight loneliness  

The successful Timeleft app is coming to Manchester to help with the growing problem of loneliness and is their way of changing this growing trend.  

Six strangers meeting for the first time through the compatibility matching test set by Timeleft app is Manchester’s new way to meet new people and experience something different for the first time.

Timeleft has been a great success in big European countries like Spain and Portugal and it’s coming to the UK with Manchester being one of the first cities.  

Timeleft feels like the missing ingredient in the social sphere of the digital age

Dating apps like Tinder and Hinge have been around for a while, Timeleft app is promising to be different from standard apps. Making this more of an experience. Not only is it just for singles, but it’s also for making friends or even business buddies too.  

Meeting new friends or romantic relationships through the love of a good dinner. Credit: Timeleft

Loneliness is on the rise and in big cities it can feel harder than ever to meet people, with 49% of people reporting feeling lonely and this statistic is expected to go up, Timeleft is trying to make changes for the greater good of Manchester. 

Elena from Timeleft said: “Timeleft is coming to Manchester to embrace the city’s vibrant and diverse social fabric. With its rich culture and welcoming atmosphere, Manchester is an ideal backdrop for Timeleft to thrive. The concept resonates with the city’s open-minded and communal spirit, offering an innovative way for locals to connect.

“Building confidence in engaging with strangers is a common challenge. Timeleft addresses this by providing a relaxed environment – the dinner table. Shared experiences create a supportive atmosphere, helping individuals rediscover the joy of genuine connections without the pressures often associated with traditional apps and ways of meeting in this increasingly digital world”.  

‘Sharing a meal breaks down social barriers, aligning seamlessly with the ethos of Timeleft’

Elena, Timeleft

Manchester’s plethora of eateries and extensive restaurants and bars to choose from, Timeleft came to Manchester knowing it was joining a city where the setting would match the atmosphere for strangers to meet.  

The silent epidemic of loneliness is particularly worrying with estimations increasing by two million in 2025 who consider themselves lonely. Apps like Timeleft are now here in Manchester to combat this issue.  

For anyone experiencing loneliness, please reach out;

Mind Manchester – 0300 123 3393 

Age UK – 0800 678 1602  

CALM – 0800 58 58 58