Manchester’s Muslim community opens Ramadhan fast by donating food to the homeless

  • Muslim community in Manchester break their fast with the homeless at Picadilly Gardens
  • People gathered every Thursday during the 30 days of Ramadhan to share food 

Every year in Ramadhan for the past 10 years the Muslim community in Manchester has come together to open their fast with the homeless.

During Ramadhan, Muslims around the world fast for 30 days from sunrise to sunset, and the breaking of the fast is called Iftar.

The Manchester project was started 10 years ago by a group of volunteers. One of them, Farah Bawany, 38, said: “Anyone is welcome to join – last week someone was walking home from work so we grabbed them and said have a seat and share some food with us.”

Muslims are encouraged during Ramadhan to come together and help those who are less fortunate and give back to the community.

Many Muslims from around Manchester volunteer once-a-week during Ramadhan and bring in food to share at Piccadilly Gardens,which is an easily accessible location for many homeless people.

Manchester city centre has a growing homeless problem. According to statistics, the number of homeless people tripled from 2010 to 2016. 

This initiative is a positive way for the Manchester community to come together and socialise while also sharing good food, say organisers.

Chart shows the change in number of Homeless people in Manchester. Source: Shelter 2013-2017