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Manchester’s high-rise residents reassured by Manchester Fire Service

  • More than 180 high-rise properties have been visited by the Fire Service 
  • 16 high-rise properties' cladding have failed security checks so far

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service released a statement earlier today to offer reassurance to the public.

Speaking on behalf of the Service, Jim Hutton, the Service’s Area Manager for the high-rise taskforce, said: “We are working closely with housing providers and local councils to ensure that high-rise building residents are safe – and feel safe – in their homes.

“We have carried out visits to more than 180 high-rise properties in Greater Manchester to identify any immediate issues which give us cause for concern.

“We will carry out a major joint inspection, alongside housing providers, of any building where the cladding has failed the Building Research Establishment tests. These inspections are detailed, taking in the region of two-and-a-half hours, and are aimed at identifying and mitigating risks. Results have now come back from 16 high-rise properties where cladding has failed, and we will have carried out these joint, detailed inspections in these buildings by the end of the day.

“We expect to receive further test results in the coming days and will prioritise inspecting those buildings that fail the test.

“Housing providers in any building where the cladding has failed the test have put in place significant measures to minimise the risk to residents in the event of a fire. These include evacuation plans and 24-hour security patrols in the buildings.”

More information is available at the Fire Service’s official website