Manchester’s first LGBTQ+ housing development for the older community

Great Places is set to plan the UK’s first housing association purposely built for the older LGBTQ+ community in Manchester’s leafy Whalley Range.  

The development will be placed in the Russel Road area in Whalley Range, south Manchester. It aims to be a low-carbon environmentally friendly building to house 80 one and two-bedroom apartments exclusively for older LGBTQ+ members to create a safer space.  

Manchester pioneering the older LGBTQ community with opportunity

Manchester is a very open-minded city embracing the LGBTQ+ spaces and is now targeting the over 55 age group with a purpose-built housing associate for LGBTQ+ members who want to reconnect with a community. 

The promise of these developments is to increase affordable housing for older people whilst having high-quality and social support in place to meet like-minded individuals. Living in a hub of local allies to provide inclusivity.  

‘It is so exciting that this scheme is going to be happening, as I attended the initial meeting back before Covid so to see it come into fruition is very much needed for the community’

Jenny- Ann, Chair of TransForum Manchester

Manchester City Council and the LGBTQ Foundation are also partners involved in the project.  

The empty grounds now will promise to have 80 apartments specifically to cater to the older LGBTQ+ community. Photo credit: Martha Norris.

Councilor Gavin White, part of the city’s housing and development group, said: “We know there is a gap in the market for affordable housing for older people where care needs are met onsite – and where they can feel accepted and live with dignity.

“Critical to this project has been the co-production process with our community steering group which has helped guide the design principles for these homes to ensure they meet the needs of future residents.”

Jenny- Ann the chair of TransForum Manchester added: “It’s so important that all those involved are LGBTQ trained and to make sure that it isn’t too expensive. I have seen other schemes be priced too high, particularly when LGBTQ members might come from lower income or not as financially supported.”  

Residents will be able to see the plans and give their views at public consultation meetings at the site on Russell Road on Friday 12 January 2-8pm and Saturday 13 January from 12-2pm.