Manchester students push for free anti-drug measures after surge in drink spiking

  • Increased reports of students being spiked on nights out within the Fallowfield and Deansgate areas 
  • Students feel failed by response of Greater Manchester Police and universities to incidents
  • Students take it upon themselves to promote safe drinking measures

Students are pressuring universities to make women safer in the wake of a series of drink spiking incidents in popular bars and clubs. 

There has been a surge in victims reporting incidents on the Manchester Students’ Group Facebook page, with bar 256 on Wilmslow Road as well as Deansgate Locks named as places where drinks spiking takes place. 

An investigation was launched last month by Greater Manchester Police after three girls fell ill at Ark nightclub.

However, recent victims feel as though “the lack of action from the police has helped facilitate the further spikings”. 

At least four women students have reported having their drinks spiked at the 256 bar. The most recent incidents form part of what one victim described as Manchester’s spiking “epidemic”. 

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Advice from the University of Manchester on how to stay safe urges students to “stick together, not leave drinks unattended and have soft drinks if they feel a little drunk”.

Students on the Facebook group say universities should offer more support, urging them to provide free prevention methods such as Nightcap or drink drug testing kits, as they have previously done with rape alarms.

Manchester students promote anti-drug drink cover Nightcap

Students have resorted to promoting their own safety advice on how to spot incidents of spiking, with one Facebook user posting a spreadsheet listing venues where such incidents have occurred.

256 has approached the Manchester Students Group and offered free anti-drug bottle stops and lids to help “keep all of their customers safe”. 

Anyone affected by having their drink spiked should call 101. Both Manchester Metropolitan and the University of Manchester offer student support services.