Manchester radio station named in top 25 in the world

Manchester-based station Reform Radio is heading skywards after being listed in the top 25 radio stations in the world by streaming giant Mixcloud.

The shortlist, topped by the acclaimed NTS Radio, includes innovative underground broadcasters from across the globe, solidifying Reform’s growing status and capacity to compete on an international level.

Formerly an amateur basement project, the station was a beneficiary of Arts Council England’s Grants for the Arts scheme last year, receiving a £8,700 to help further their endeavours.

It meant Reform were able to rebrand, relaunch, and relocate to Manchester’s historic Granada Studios, from which they currently transmit.

Speaking to The Northern Quota, station director Sam Oliveira said: “Arts Council funding was instrumental in helping Reform get to where it is today.”

Sam was appreciative of the support received by the Arts Council at an early stage of their development, saying that it “accelerated the capacity of the company to deliver its goals, both artistically and in terms of the support offered to young people we work with”.

Reform also plays an important community role, offering practical, digital training to young unemployed people across Manchester, helping to broaden their career prospects.

Manchester has famously incubated underground music of all genres for decades, and with infinite catalogues readily accessible online, mainstream radio stations are losing their influence.

However, Reform have embraced this heightening wave of musical pluralism, presenting an eclectic range of shows that traverse genres from funk ‘n’ soul to drum ‘n’ bass.

As community radio continues to flourish, Reform are in competition for local listenership with stations such as Key 103 and All FM.

Although their recent success must be somewhat accredited to Arts Council backing, it is their commitment to broadcasting as a purveyor of alternative music that has got them to where they are now.