Sign at the entrance to Manchester central library

Manchester Library’s 3D virtual tours are now accessible online

  • All 22 libraries in Manchester online with the new 3D virtual tours
  • Fantastic addition to our library service
  • Great improvement on physical and online accessibility to Manchester Libraries locations

Ever been curious about the layout of Central Library or intrigued by the interior of the new Gorton Hub and Abraham Moss Library? Well, wonder no more! You can now explore all 22 libraries in Manchester online with the new 3D virtual tours.

The motivation behind this initiative stems from the need to improve physical and online accessibility at Manchester libraries’ 22 locations.

Some neurodivergent people, especially those with autism, don’t feel safe attending places unless they know exactly what to expect, which is the reason the virtual tours have been introduced.

The 3D virtual tours of all 22 Manchester libraries enable people to explore venues, grasp their layout, and appreciate the architecture of libraries from the comfort of home before planning a potential visit.

With the support of a recent £20,250 grant from the Arts Council, the Library On programme aims to enhance online discoverability, simplifying the process for both existing and new customers to locate, access, and engage with libraries.

Fantastic addition

Executive member for skills, leisure and employment, Councillor John Hacking said “Having the opportunity to take a virtual tour of Manchester’s 22 libraries without leaving home is a fantastic addition to our library service. We hope it will increase both the number of online and in person visits to Manchester Libraries.

“We are making the most of the opportunities that technology offers to make a difference to all our visitors, in particular, some of our neuro divergent visitors who might benefit from knowing what a library is like before they visit. “

Explore all the 3D walkthrough virtual tours, crafted with Zeus 360.