GAY World AIDS Day Banner 2018

Manchester joins worldwide vigil raising awareness for HIV testing on World AIDS Day

  • The city of Mancester joined the world in a vigil to raise awareness for HIV testing for World AIDS Day.
  • It marked the 30 year anniversary of the first ever World Aids Day.

Sackville Gardens in Manchester city centre hosted a vigil on December 1st at 7pm to commemorate the important day. The important date is always held on December 1st of each year. Canal Street and all its bars came together to raise awareness of this years statement of “know your status”.

This year was the 30 year anniversary of the very first World AIDS Day and the Passionate about Sexual Health (PaSH) handed out ribbons and candles from 5.30pm onward near Sackville Gardens. The vigil began around 7pm starting with a walk into the gardens with lit candles.

Sackville Gardens to host vigil on December 1st
The vigil took place in Sackville Gardens

Once inside the vigil began with traditional African singing, with a choir to the left of the stage for support. They also had a gentlemen who was using sign language throughout the vigil. The vigil continued with passionate speeches and donations collected from the attendees.

Vigil at Sackville Gardens
There were passionate speeches at the vigil

Nearby bars and clubs which occupy the popular Canal Street helped raise awareness with G-A-Y offering HIV Tests. They confirmed that “for every person tested, G-A-Y will pay for a gay man or trans person to get access to HIV testing in Russia, Kazakhstan & Uganda”.

HIV and AIDS affects millions of people around the United Kingdom. According to Avert, the global information and education for HIV and Aids the UK had 89,400 people living with HIV. The number of AIDS-related deaths being low at just 428. There was a total of 4,363 new HIV infections in 2017. When asked, 88% of people were aware of their status and 96% of those positive were on HIV treatment.

PaSH Partnership AIDS Day 2018
official World Aids Banner from GMPash

George House Trust has also said anyone who wishes to talk to them about living with HIV to call 0161 274 4499 or email them at [email protected]