Manchester Halloween Parade 2016 Review

  • Thousands of creatures of the dead descended on the streets of Manchester over Halloween weekend for the 8th annual Halloween Parade.

Blood soaked zombie surgeons mingled with the likes of Uncle Fester and Wendy, and the impressive array of fancy dress had spectators snapping pictures of all manner of dead souls, eager to get a selfie with the most frightening beasts.

Ben Crampton and Grace Brennan as Uncle Fester and Wednesday Adams
Ben Crampton and Grace Brennan as Uncle Fester and Wednesday Adams

The terror started at The Printworks, where a DJ played all the best spooky songs as monsters and spirits of the underworld arrived in their hundreds.

As the start time approached, revellers began counting down, and when 6pm struck, excited chatter was exchanged for the groaning sounds of the dead, dragging their feet and heavy limbs as they made their way from the Printworks towards Cathedral gardens.

Students, adults and children all merged together to create this terrifying spectacle through the city, and all who participated went the extra mile with their gory makeup and blood soaked costumes.

The zombie walk, which raises money for the Save the Children charity, saw the walking dead stumbling towards St Anne’s Square, past the Town Hall and through Market Street where they made their way back towards The Printworks.

The innocent souls of the streets, who watched in awe and slight trepidation, couldn’t help smile as they took photos of the ghosts and ghouls, who were happy to stop for pictures.  

Rebecca Crawley, 25, a coffee shop worker from Manchester said: “When I came out for dinner tonight I didn’t expect to see all these zombies but it really put a smile on my face. It’s great that all these people have come together to do this, especially considering it is for charity.”

Kate Dailey and Colin Smith as zombie doctors
Kate Dailey and Colin Smith as zombie doctors

The hoard arrived back to a bustling atmosphere at The Printworks. Time Warp echoed around the walls of the entertainment complex, and the zombies transformed into the dancing dead, all perfectly performing the well-known dance routine.

Lorna Simpkin, who attended the scare-walk dressed as a zombie bride, has been coming to the event for the last 3 years.

She said: “I can’t believe how many people are here this year. Each time I come it gets bigger and bigger and it’s great to see so many people joining in on the fun. My friends and I have been planning our outfits for months.”

Haloween at the Printworks Manchester
 Haloween at the Printworks

It isn’t just those who turned up in fancy dress that helped to make the night one to remember. Many people gave up their time to volunteer at the event, helping to escort the mass of monsters through the city streets.

Daniel Mason, 19, from Manchester, who was one of the many volunteers, said: “I volunteered because the event isn’t only fun, but it’s for a really good cause. What better way to spend my Sunday night than being surrounded by vampires and ghosts. Everyone is having so much fun, so I have fun watching everyone else enjoy themselves.”