Manchester: great nightlife, shame about the litter and crime

  • Northern Quota took to the streets to quiz people on what they like about living in the city

The Northern Quota took to the streets to find out what Manchester residents consider to be their favourite and least favourite parts of the city.

Most of those we spoke to commented on the vibrant community and wide range of events that take place, saying they were generally quite happy living in Manchester.

Andrew Kidd
Andrew Kidd, theatre manager. Credit: Mia Abeyawardene

Andrew Kidd,  a 42-year-old musician and theatre manager from Levenshulme, says that his favourite part about Manchester is that it is an international city but still close to the peak district and North Wales so you can get out to the countryside easily.

His least favourite part is the rubbish and general human detritus that knocks around the place.

Mariella Mala, a 56-year-old secondary school teacher from Denton, said: “It’s a tough question because I like Manchester as a whole, I like the Spinningfields area. I really like the restaurants and the canal area around there.

Mariella Mala, school teacher. Credit: Mia Abeyawardene

“The least enjoyable part is probably northern Manchester which is still underdeveloped and very messy.”

Joe Taylor, a 29-year-old student support officer at BIMM living in Ancoats, says his favourite part is that “there is always something to do, and that there is loads of good food. Canal street and all the gay areas are great.”

Joe Taylor
Joe Taylor, student support officer. Credit: Mia Abeyawardene

He said: “The worst part I suppose is that there’s a lot of crime, spice and awfulness – so that’s not great, but I can live with it.”

Katie Morgan, 22, a venue manager at Soup Kitchen, said her favourite part of Mancester was the nightlife and her least favourite part would be the neglect of homeless people in the city centre.

Katie Morgan
Katie Morgan, venue manager. Credit: Mia Abeyawardene