Manchester Council execute new parking scheme for Moss Side community

  • Manchester City Council implement new parking scheme in Moss Side
  • Residents, business owners and carers are eligible for a permit
  • The scheme aims to improve road saftey and parking within the community

The council have implemented a new and improved parking scheme for the locals in Moss Side to create ease within the community.

Parking restrictions sign that says 'no return within 2 hours'
Parking restrictions sign. Credit: PA media.

The scheme means that residents in the area can apply for a permit to park on specific streets between arranged hours, free of charge. It covers over 4,600 households.

A map of the areas covered by the parking scheme in Moss Side
Areas covered by the parking scheme.

The project prevents non-permit holders from parking outside homes, shops and care homes between 10am until 6pm.

The scheme also puts a stop to parking on footpaths, improves safety of pedestrians while emending flow of traffic and road security.

Pre-parking scheme

In 2021, The council contacted the locals with a proposal of the parking scheme to analyse if they would be interested.

In the consultation, Councillor Angeliki Stogia, said: “Through this scheme, we aim to help residents park more conveniently in their neighbourhood, while also making sure that essential access to the area’s many businesses is maintained”

The council held online sessions welcoming people to ask questions and to discuss their enquiries about the scheme, resulting in the success of the project.

Interview with Mahadi Mahamed

Mahadi, who is a councillor for Moss Side, told the NQ: “There have been problems with parking in areas of Moss Side for some time. Residents have asked us to tackle this issue”.

He said locals “can change the visiting vehicles regeneration number online unlimited times”.

Parking bays have also been provided, meaning residents with permits can park for an unlimited amount of time, but rules are specific to the area and can be found on nearby signs.

Permits are identified via car registration numbers and supporting evidence is required during the application process. You can apply here.