Manchester Comedy Event might change venue: ‘Silent Disco-Style Gigs’ No Longer at Didsbury Sports Ground

  • Potential Relocation of ‘Dead Meet’ Festival
  • Impact of Noise Levels and Parking on Residents

Potential Relocation of ‘Dead Meet’ Festival

A podcast and comedy event highlighting ‘the best of north-west’ scheduled to take place in Manchester this summer, might relocate due to uncertainties about hosting it in Didsbury Sport Ground.

Initial apprehensions have arisen from local authorities, including the Greater Manchester Police.

Managers of Didsbury Sports Ground successfully secured a temporary event license for ‘Dead Meet’ following a thorough review by council members and Greater Manchester Police (GMP) on April 15. The 12-hour festival, scheduled for June 22, initially raised issues related to potential noise levels, parking shortages, and public behaviour concerns such as public urination.

Impact of Noise Levels and Parking on Residents

A GMP report expressed concern that the event could draw more than the approved 500 guests, leading to disturbance for nearby residents. These concerns were heightened following the recent rejection of a beer festival application at the same venue, featuring renowned DJ Graeme Park.

Event organizers emphasized their extensive efforts to address the issues raised in the GMP report. Their plans were included implementing strict ticketing controls, establishing an Uber-friendly transport system, and pioneering the use of silent disco headphones at a comedy show.

Despite progress in addressing several concerns, the committee remained cautious about potential parking challenges. Organizers proposed a ‘no car’ policy for attendees, with exceptions for blue badge holders, and encouraged the use of public transportation.

The event lineup was due to feature notable comedians such as Andrew Maxwell, Jamie Hutchinson, and Dan Nightingale, promising an entertaining and engaging experience for attendees from across the region.

Lee, The manager of Didsbury sport Ground said: “The police basically said that they don’t think it’s a good choice to book, because people are going get drunk and Essentially do Disorderly stuff. we will try and get one again, and make sure we make a smaller base and then build on it. we also look forward to hosting small other events, that will fits the capacity of the building”.