Manchester city welcomes 2024 new year with a spectacular firework amidst heavy downpour

  • Manchester City Council says goodbye to 2023 with a spectacular fireworks display
  • Manchester experienced the first firework display after covid-19
  • 10,000-capacity Castlefield Bowl filled to the brim as New Year enthusiasts defied the rain to welcome 2024

Manchester City Council declares a New Year’s Eve fireworks display in Castlefield Bowl on Liverpool Road for 2024.

Manchester to see in the New Year with a spectacular firework display: Manchester city welcomes 2024 new year with a spectacular firework amidst heavy downpour

Councillor Pat Karney, the Christmas and New Year spokesperson for Manchester, invited everyone to join the celebration saying that: “We think the time is now right to show how proud we are of our fantastic city and to celebrate it as we close the door on 2023 and look ahead to 2024 and beyond.”

Thousands of Mancunians waiting patiently for the firework display

The Castlefield Bowl is a 10,000 capacity and thousands of New Year enthusiasts filled it to the brim as they gathered on a rainy Sunday Night to experience the first end-of-the-year firework display after covid-19 season in Manchester with sounds of Hit Radio DJ Jordan echoing in the air and creating suspense for the moment and defying the rain that had started mid-day on Sunday 31 2023.

The fireworks

2024 firework display in Castlefield Bowl

Councillor Karney had said: “We want everyone to be able to enjoy New Year’s Eve, including the growing number of local residents who live in this part of town.”  

DJ Jordan had built up momentum to 11.50pm when Councillor Karney mounted the podium to announce the display of the firework.

Everyone greeted the announcement with roars and shouts of joy, and then at 12am everyone started snapping furiously at the balls of colourful lights sounding from all sides of the Bowl.

Participants shared their experiences and affirmed that they enjoyed themselves and hoped the end-of-the-year fireworks should continue.

Mohammed, who had come to visit a friend in Manchester, said: “Although I had been in Manchester, this is my first time of witnessing an end-of-the-year fireworks display and sincerely I would love to be coming every year because of this. But I really enjoyed myself.”

Janet, a student in Manchester also said: “I’m a student here and this is my first experience and I enjoyed myself.”

The end-of the-year firework display was suspended because of covid-19 and this year has seen the resurrection of it and was declared free for all. It is not clear whether going forward the council will commercialise it and start selling tickets.