Manchester city council

Manchester City Council respond to Lib Dem claims that 5% tax increase is to fund town hall bosses pay rise

  • Councillor John Flanagan, executive member for Finance & Human Resources, has responded to Liberal Democrats claims
  • Lib Dems claim that a 5% tax rise will be implemented to accommodate pay rise for town hall bosses
  • NQ published incorrect figures, which have now been addressed 

Responding to claims from the Liberal Democrats that there will be a 5% increase in council tax to accomodate a pay rise for top town hall bosses, Councillor John Flanagan has spoken to The NQ to dispell these claims. 

Mr. Flanagan, the Labour councillor for Miles Platting and Newton Heath, who is also a Member of the Executive on the Council, has hit out against the claims made by sole Liberal Democrat councillor John Leech

He said: "[These figures] aren't correct. 3% of the Council Tax increase is to be used to pay for Adult Social Care pressures and the remaining 1.99% is to be used to fund pot holes and increase the number of apprenticeships.

"These areas of investment are what Manchester residents have told the council they want it to do, despite the government refusing to adequately fund Adult Social Care or Highways maintenance."

John Flanagan
Councillor John Flanagan

Roger Williams, head of Media at the council, also added: "The senior salary staff review, which will result in savings of £250,000 over three years is having absolutely no impact on Council Tax Bills other than helping to keep them down.

Mr. Williams said that the wording used by the Liberal Democrats (published by The NQ on 9 January) has been misleading: "The use of the term "executive" is misleading here. The Executive Members are the councillors who are members of the cabinet and there has been no change to their allowances."