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Manchester City Council launches period poverty campaign in libraries

  • Period poverty
  • Cost-of-living crisis
  • Manchester libraries

A campaign is being rolled out in 18 libraries across Greater Manchester to allow women access to free period products, in a bid to combat period poverty.

‘Package for Val’ was first introduced to Manchester Central Library. It is now being introduced in other libraries including Withington library, New Heath, and Gorton.

The scheme of the package

The campaign is meant to combat the lack of access to menstrual products due to the ongoing cost-of-living crisis.

It includes major supermarkets and pharmacies that have agreed to provide menstrual products to the libraries. It is funded by the Manchester City Council.

The package comes in a discreet paper bag and contains sanitary napkins and tampons. There are signs posted in public toilets at the libraries to raise awareness of the campaign for those in need.

Package for Val campaign.

Councillor Adele Douglas said: “Women and girls in our city are struggling to afford the basic need and dignity of accessing menstrual products. The Package for Val campaign in libraries means we can now help women and girls experience what is a natural part of life without shame or embarrassment.”

The campaign is meant to breakdown the shame and stigma surrounding periods. It depicts what period poverty really means for women and young girls.