Greater Manchester county boundaries

Manchester candidates for General Election announced

  • Candidates from Manchester's five boroughs have been fully confirmed
  • Labour currently hold all the seats in Manchester, but could this change?

All the candidates for Manchester constituencies in the General Election have been confirmed by the City Council.

Labour currently hold 4 out of the 5 seats (the 5th being vacant due to the death of Sir Gerald Kaufman), and will be confident they can retain all of their seats, given the historic allegiance between Manchester and the Labour Party.  

The Labour Party may also be riding high following Andy Burnham's historic victory to become Manchester's first ever Mayor.

Full list of candidates and parties (candidate alphabetical order):

Blackley and Broughton

  • Abi Ajoku – Christian Peoples Alliance
  • Charles R. G. Gadsden – Liberal Democrats 
  • David P. Goss – Conservatives
  • David Jones – Green Party
  • Martin Power – UKIP
  • Graham E. Stringer – Labour


Manchester Central

  • Neil A. Blackburn – Pirate Party UK
  • John R. Bridges – Liberal Democrats
  • Kalvin P. Chapman – UKIP
  • Lucy M. Powell – Labour
  • Rachael A. Shah – Green Party
  • Xingang Wang – Conservatives



  • Kemi Abidogun – Christian Peoples Alliance
  • Peter Clifford – Communist League
  • Phil Eckersley – UKIP 
  • George Galloway – Independent
  • David M. Hopkins – Independent
  • Shaden Jaradat – Conservatives
  • Mohammed A. Khan – Labour
  • Jess Mayo – Green Party
  • Jackie Pearcey – Liberal Democrats 



  • Laura A. Bannister – Green Party
  • Sally Carr – Women's Equality Party
  • Sarah Heald – Conservatives
  • John Leech – Liberal Democrats
  • Jeff Smith – Labour


Wythenshawe and Sale East

  • Mike Bayley-Sanderson – UKIP
  • Luckson Francis Augustine – Independent
  • Fiona Mary Green – Conservatives
  • Dan Jerrome – Green Party
  • William Jones – Liberal Democrats
  • Mike Kane – Labour


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