Manchester becomes UK’s first city to use recycled Christmas lights

  • Manchester is using recycled and bio-degradable LED lights for Christmas festive
  • Most of the decorations for Christmas Festive are done by 3D printing robots

Manchester is helping to save the environment by using bio-degradable and recycled lights this year to light up the city for Christmas.

The LED lights used to decorate Manchester are made of renewable materials such as organically sourced raw materials and recycled aluminium.

The  lights have been installed on 126 trees across Manchester city centre and consist of 360,000 low energy LED lights.

The kajority of the decorations have bene made by 3D printing robots, and the fairy lights will expand to up to 22 miles from the city centre to Burnley town centre.

Manchester has also installed 0 festive sculptures, as well as a Chrustmas trail taking in different statues in St Peter’s Square, Piccadilly Gardens, and Manchester Cathedral. There is also a new crib in St Ann’s Square.

Additional festive surprises include presents along with giant sculptures of Manchester bee and other Christmas statues.

Councillor Pat Karney said: “There is no Christmas without Christmas lights, so we thought we’d double down and get 360,000 of them – all low energy and made from eco-friendly recycled materials. 

“We’re particularly excited about the giant light sculptures that will be big enough to walk around and get that ever-important Christmas selfie. Yet another excuse to visit Manchester this festive season.”