Manchester Art Fair 2019: A place full of inspirational people and artwork

  • More than 200 UK and international galleries took part in Manchester Art Fair
  • Exhibition features contemporary paintings, sculpture, photography and prints

The Manchester Art Fair 2019, one of the largest and most ambitious art fairs in the UK, showcased work from over 200 UK and international galleries at the Central Library.

The event gave visitors the chance to explore modern and contemporary paintings, sculpture, photography and special edition prints, with famous works by Andy Warhol, Banksy, Damien Hirst as well as by talented artists working in the region. 

iMT Gallery London participating for the seventh time in the fair


One of these artists was Kwame Akpokavi, who presented his original African mixed-media artworks. He happily noticed that people are not just browsing around but are generally interested in the arts and the way work is produced.

art fair, manchester
Artist Kwame Akpokavi

In his work Kwame focuses on used recyclable materials like cotton fabrics and stitches, and even glues them onto the canvas. He wants to spread the message that we should reuse things more often instead of throwing them away.

“I am trying to encourage people to start asking themselves questions about the way we live our lives,” he said. 

Another artist who was part of the fair for the first time is James Roper from Manchester. He showcased his abstract and colourful paintings inspired by Japanese animation, comic books, pychedelia, haute couture fashion and everything in between. 

Artist James Roper and his work

To the question if he would come back he answers: “I would come back, yes. But I would probably have a smaller stall and more prints. The Manchester Art scene is good in thriving but I sold more original pieces in the US and London.”

Not only could guests explore different types of art pieces but also participate in workshops like framing advice, different techniques of acrylic colour and painting sessions. This allowed them to get a better understanding on what it takes to be an artist and to improve their own artistic skills. 


A workshop area at the fair

Visitors at the fair were impressed by the event and the wide range of artwork. “I came here and got so involved and inspired to create my own pieces of art,” said fine art student Anastasia from MMU.

For Mirren, another fine art student, it was a great way to get to know the people behind the artwork. 


art fair, manchester
Anastasia, fine art student MMU


art fair, manchester
fine Art student Mirren