Manchester 2024 elections – everything you need to know

Next month will see local elections take place across Britain. Just under a third of the Manchester City Council seats will be up for election, as will the office of Mayor. Here is the when, where, who and what you need to know before the elections on 2 May.

What – the elections

This year Manchester will have both a local and mayoral election take place on Thursday, 2 May. 30 of the 96 council seats that make up the Manchester city council will be up for elections.

Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham, will also defend his role against several candidates. Burnham is the inaugural holder of the role, having been elected into the position in 2017.

While local elections are held every year, this will be the largest local election since 2021. During the last two local elections Labour won the popular vote, and will be hoping to extend their lead over the Conservatives by more than the current 9%.

Polls for the impending General Election have Labour leading the Conservatives by around double, and it is expected that the local and mayoral election results will reflect that. 

When – the deadline

The last day to register to vote in the local elections is today. Registration can be done here.

Voter ID will also be needed, which you can apply for by 24 April.

While both elections take place on 2 May, separate local and mayoral elections will be held on the same day. 

Who – the candidates

[All photos provided by campaigns unless stated]

Andy Burnham – Labour

Photo. Photo credit should read: Danny Lawson/PA Wire

Laura Evans – Conservatives

Jake Austin – Liberal Democrats

Hannah Spencer – Green

Nick Buckley – Independent

Dan Barker – Reform UK

Where – the polling stations

You should have a polling station nearby, no matter where you live in Greater Manchester.

Your local station can be found at Where Do I Vote?