Man Met’s Student Union: meet your new student officers

New MMU student officers for the 2019/20 academic year

  • President: Anna Welsh
  • Education Officer: Lucy Follon 
  • Societies and Development Officer: Eve Sweeney 
  • Sport Officer: Ross Sharman 
  • Wellbeing Officer: Andy Harmon

After weeks of campaigning, on Thursday 14 March the 2019 Lead Your Union elections came to a close.

Election night was hosted in the main hall of the union by the last ever vice-president of MMU Cheshire, Andy Young. The night featured performances from students Jess Stoddard and an Ody Ubah who wrote an inspiring spoken word piece especially for the occasion.

Despite a seemingly underwhelming turnout of just 12.7% of students, the figure of 5,145 is actually 45% higher than the previous year’s Student Officer elections at just 3,544 votes.

With a total vote count of 18,000 across all categories the results were announced in front of a live audience by the current president and chief executive officer of the Union Amie Atkinson (current and Matt Robinson.

The winning candidates are as follows:

New MMU Union officers
President: Anna Welsh, education officer: Lucy Follon, societies and development officer: Eve Sweeney, sport officer: Ross Sharman, wellbeing officer: Andy Harmon


Most of the newly-elected officers will be returning: and Lucy Follon (Education Officer), Ross Sharman (Sport Officer), Andy Harmon (Wellbeing Officer) and the former Societies and Development Officer (SocDev), Anna Walsh will be returning but this time as Union President. Despite this there is a new face in the group, Eve Sweeney who will become the new SocDev Officer.

Starting in July, the newly-elected student officer will begin in their roles of representing the voices of Manchester Metropolitan’s students with their decisions and leadership informing the Union’s direction for the coming academic year.

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