Man Met’s men’s waterpolo on course to win their fourth successive league title

  • MMU waterpolo team can clinch league title with victory over Edinburgh
  • Special multimedia insight into the foundations of BUCS Sports Team of the Year 2019
  • 'Ethos is everything'

MMU’s men’s waterpolo team could clinch a record-breaking quadruple by winning the league for a fourth time with victory over Edinburgh.

Ciaran Taylor spoke to captain Jordan Elliot and centre forward Mike Patterson to find out more about their success: 

Three-time national champions MMU water polo team go head-to-head with Edinburgh on 30 January, hoping to shoot a victory after last year’s draw against the team. 

Following their success and achievements NQ asked Jordan Elliot (position utility) and Milo Barrett (position four five) for the secret behind the team’s success. 

Elliot, who has been with the team for all three previous championship wins, is confident about the team’s predicted performance.

He said:“We’ve definitely got the potential to beat Edinburgh, definitely got the capability to beat them.” 

Only having lost one game in the past the team go in with confidence and a determined winning mindset. The water polo team all know one another and play to their strengths as a close-knit family. 

This being his first year playing with the MMU team Barrett revealed his secret to success

I have a tendency to concentrate too much sometimes but my attribute is awareness, playing my own game

All the team come from a water polo background such as Elliot who comes from a water polo family and Barrett whose team manager qualification contributes and fits well with the team’s work ethic. 

Balancing their time between studies and sports can be challenging at times but this team strive through and practice to hone their skills even after practice. Practising a further 30 minutes in their spare time to work upon their shooting skills strengthens their bond as a team. 

With this in mind, the water polo team is looking forward to their chance in history to become champions for the fourth time and once again win the title

Laura McAllister spoke to Jordan, Mike and Milo to find out about how the team’s ethos has been the foundation of their success: