Man Met lecturer one of first to give blood to help victims of Manchester Arena attack

  • MMU lecturer gives blood to help victims of terrorist attack
  • NHS staff came in on days off to help with donations
  • Members of public brought refreshments for donors at centres

When Man Met lecturer Karl McLaughlin heard about the terrorist attack last night he was determined to give blood to help the victims.

As someone with type O Negative blood, he knew there would be demand from hospitals coping with the large number of casualties.

Karl McLaughlin, a senior lecturer in Spanish, stayed up during the night following the news and by 9am this morning was en route to Plymouth Grove blood donor centre. He had initially offered to give blood at Wythenshawe Hospital but they referred him MRI and directed him to the nearby Plymouth Grove clinic.

Donors of all ages and ethnic backgrounds flocked to blood donation centres to offer to give blood while NHS staff gave up annual leave and days off to be on hand to take blood.

Staff at blood donation centres across the city were overwhelmed by support. The number of people turning up was so great that only those with O Negative blood, such as Karl, were able to be seen immediately while others were asked to return later.

Karl, who lives in Chorlton, said: “NHS staff handling of the situation was admirable. Even with computer systems crashing and thus preventing them from processing new donors they were unflappable and inspired confidence in the waiting public.

“In the face of such atrocities, it is very reassuring to see such a magnificent response by the public and the very professional approach taken by blood donor staff in moments of crisis.”

Waiting donors were offered tea, coffee and refreshments ,some of which was brought to the staff by members of the public.