Man Met graduate successfully launches new business during the covid-19 lockdown

  • Man Met graduate launches new business venture during lockdown
  • Says pandemic actually helped her make money

A Man Met graduate and entrepreneur who launched a new business venture during lockdown says covid-19 has secured her future.

Morgan Allen started her own fashion label after graduating from Man Met in 2018, making and selling clothes.

With the success of her online business she decided to open her own shop but just as this idea was becoming a possibility, the UK was launched into the covid-19 lockdown. 

As soon as the rules were eased in July, Morgan opened her ‘beautique’ which is a clothing store with a beauty salon above, with no idea how business would be affected.

Morgan, of Stoke, said: “When I first opened the shop I was worried about the pandemic affecting my sales, would people be too scared to leave the house? But I soon realised that people seemed so desperate to leave the house and this brought a lot more business to my shop. I never imagined the pandemic would help my business.”

MRGN had to close for two weeks when Morgan contracted the virus, during which time she continued to work from home. She said that online sales and social media have always been a key element of stimulating sales for the boutique. 

She stated: “We have had to hammer social media day in day out – even while I was at home ill with coronavirus I was still posting on social media every day. We do regular IGTV’s and that always attracts a lot of custom – we have an influx of sales after dropping a video.”

Her next ventures include her own makeup line and bringing homeware to her boutique.