#LoveFoodHateWaste Campaign

Some 8.4 million people in the U.K. are struggling to afford to eat, according to FareShare. That is the equivalent to the population of London! Yet figures estimated by WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Programme) show that 10.2 million tonnes of food are being wasted each year, with 70% of this food coming from household food waste. Our survey showed that 64% of people would waste less food if they were more educated and informed on how to combat this issue. These statistics and results have forced us to create the Love Food Hate Waste campaign as “the most powerful weapon in the fight against food waste is food knowledge” – Celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver.  


The #LoveFoodHateWaste campaign was launched to help reduce the amount of food wastage in the U.K. Our aim is to help reduce the amount of edible food from the everyday consumer, shops and supermarkets from going to Landfill. We plan to do this by creating informative and eye-opening articles to help raise awareness and educate us on how we can help stop food waste.  


We believe that by reducing the amount of food wastage, we can fight climate change and help the environment as WRAP estimates that U.K. food waste is associated with greenhouse gas emissions of over 20 million tonnes.  


If you would like to support our cause, you can sign our Petition here. You can also follow our Twitter account for updates at @LoveFood2019  


Let's #LoveFoodHateWaste