For the Love of Sci-Fi Christmas event coming to Manchester

  • The world’s premier Sci-Fi event, For The Love of Sci-Fi, is only weeks away

  • The Manchester-based show is set to unveil a unique array of jaw-dropping animatronics unlike anything seen previously in the UK

  • Sci-Fi legends such as Dirk Benedict (Battlestar Galactica & A-Team), Miriam Margoyles (Harry Potter), and Matt Zimmerman (Sunday only) (Thunderbirds) will be in attendance 

  • Tickets for the Saturday are selling quickly, nearing capacity. Organisers have advised to buy tickets now as there could potentially be another price increase even if the tickets do not sell out

The For the Love of Sci-Fi convention will try and change the way comic-cons are viewed by the general public over the weekend of December 3-4, 2016.

Watch the trailer for the event below: 

While For the Love of Sci-Fi will feature an amazing roster of guests from the worlds of film, TV and comics alongside cosplayers, gamers and all the other elements usually associated with such events, the Manchester-based show is set to unveil a unique array of jaw-dropping animatronics unlike anything previously seen in the UK.

Fans will be able to meet the Writers, Illustrators, Letterists, Colourists and Storyboard Artists that have brought us some of the most iconic characters to life over the past 40 years, including artists for Judge Dredd, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, X-Men, Beano & Dandy, and many more.

The convention, hosted at the Bowler's Exhibition Centre, will be split into 4 Arenas. 

The main arena will feature some fantastic attractions, including: 

Project Prime: This will give fans the chance to have a conversation with Optimus Prime himself. Fans will be allowed, one by one, to approach Optimus and speak with him, with full facial movement and a freely moving head; ABC Warrior – Peach Trees from the 1995 Judge Dredd movie. If that wasn’t enough for you Dredd fans, the convention will also have the largest collection of Judge Dredd screen-used movie props in the U.K. – and possibly the world! 

For the Harry Potter fans, Dobby will appear inside Hagrid's Hut, where fans can come and meet the elf for magic lessons and historical facts about the harry potter world.

The Piccadilly Symphony Orchestra (PSO) will also be in attendance in the Main Arena. The organisers are delighted to announce the confirmed times the orchestra will be playing, performing on Saturday and Sunday at 12.30pm and 4pm, with the running order:

  • Star Wars Main Theme
  • ET Flying Theme
  • Superman Theme
  • Back to the Future theme
  • Harry Potter Hedwig's Theme
  • Star Trek Into the Darkness Theme
  • Jurassic Park Theme
  • Star Wars – Imperial March

There will be some fantastic cars from your favourite Sci-Fi shows on display including: The DeLorean time machineOptimus Prime Truck ModeBeaterbee (From the Transformers) Yellow/Black Chevrolet Camaro 1977 Kitt (the car from Knight Rider), the Jurassic Park Jeep, the A-Team Van, and many more! 

Arena Two will play host to a very special E.T. Forest. This will include his spaceship, one of his friends stood at the top of the doorway beckoning E.T to come home, the device the little alien used to phone home, and his iconic BMX.

Arena Three is specifically designed for young children. Throughout the day, there will be extra entertainment for your children with stage shows and entertainers. The convention will also have several bouncy castles, and on Saturday, a live reindeer and elf to continue the festive vibe! We will also be screening movies on a giant screen.

Arena Four is for the Traders & Merchandise Stalls: an array of traders and merchandise stalls selling everything from vintage toys, to American sodas and Christmas treats. 

The 'World Famous Cantina Bar' from Star Wars will also be at the convention. The dimly lit tavern with intricate archways and entrances will make guests feel like they are a million miles away from home. The convention will be having their festive Christmas afterparty here on the Saturday night with live DJ and guests, open till 1am, although if enough people request, they will stay open even later! These tickets are available for an extra £5 and are almost now sold out, available here: 

The event will also feature an Autistic Friendly Dome, helping to accommodate all fans of Sci-Fi. The organisers have hired an inflatable dome with comfy seating and bean bags for Autistic children to relax and calm down. The convention prides itself on being an autistic friendly event, as the organisers know how easy it is for some children and adults to experience sensory overloads.

Tickets for the Saturday are selling quickly though, nearing capacity. It has been advised to buy tickets now as there could potentially be another price increase even if the tickets do not sell out.

Full weekend tickets are also still available for those of you that want to make a weekend of it. Tickets can be purchased here:-