Louder than words festival

Louder Than Words music festival launches series of live streaming events

  • The streaming events provide an opportunity to hear from famous British creatives

  • Festival director hopes to continue offering events to all types of audiences considerate of pandemic restrictions

Louder than Words festival has launched a series of live streams hosted by Manchester music journalist and creator of the Louder Than War publication, John Robb.

The festival itself is scheduled in early November in Manchester with an opportunity to participate online and in person.

However, for those who want to get involved sooner the live streams offer panel discussions, live performances and workshops.

The live streams, which started in March, have received a very positive response, proving to be popular with not only UK audiences but also viewers across the globe.

Director of the festival, Jill Adams, is pleased with the live stream success after coming up with the idea to aid event engagement for all types of audiences and mindful of pandemic restrictions.

“We created the live stream to increase audience draw and engagement beyond traditional physical boundaries of a single location and the Covid-19 restrictions which demand you move creatively in your ability to continue offering great events to the widest possible audiences and the greatest pool of quality contribution,” Jill explains.

So far, the live streams have featured discussions with a variety of famous British creatives, including musician and film director Don Letts, Madness saxophonist Lee Thompson and founding member of the iconic British rock band Suede, Mat Osman.

The Live streams will continue throughout the year, carrying high hopes of expanding to streaming live events once social distancing restrictions have lifted.

Tickets can be purchased through the louder than words website https://louderthanwordsfest.com