Lollipop lady has bike stolen while on duty at primary school

  • Lollipop lady in Marple has her bike stolen while on duty 
  • She relies on bike to get around as she does not drive 
  • Marple community raise money on a crowdfunding page to buy her a new bike

A lollipop lady in Marple had her bike stolen while on duty at a primary school.

Lollipop lady Lysbeth Black 

Lysbeth Black posted a picture of her bike and what had happened on Facebook which received an emotional and instant reaction from the local community, wanting to help her. 

A crowdfunding page was set up and £200 has been raised to buy a replacement bike from Cera Cycloan, a charity bike shop. 

The JustGiving page for Lysbeth’s replacement bike

Lysbeth said: “I don’t have a car so I go everywhere on my bike and I even go on holiday on it. I’ve had so many adventures on that bike.” 

Lee Tatton, the organiser, wrote a heartfelt story for the JustGiving page.

He said: “She is there to keep adults and children safe each day and is there rain wind and snow.

“She may need this to get to work. Let’s get together as a close knit community and raise whatever we can.” 

The avid cyclist has had her bike stolen four times, once from her garage at home. 

As the crossing patrol is her only job now, Lysbeth says she struggles financially without the added loss of her bike. 

“I lost my other job, so when my bike was stolen that’s months and months of wages gone,” she said.

“It is just so selfish.”

Lysbeth questioned some high school children who witnessed the incident, who told her “he was a weird looking guy in a blue hat and told them to get out of the way.” 

If anyone in Marple or the surrounding areas who can help with identifying the suspect should contact Marple police on 0161 856 9973.