LIVE: Greater Manchester’s Mayoral election results

  • By the end of the day, Greater Manchester will find out who their first directly elected mayor is
  • Voter turnout for the boroughs was low with an average of 30% turnout
  • Stay with the NQ for live updates as the counts come in through the day

The votes are in and are being counted. All that is left to do is wait for the announcement of Greater Manchester's first ever Mayor.

Voter turnout yesterday was dismally low, perhaps unsurprisingly given the fact that Mancunians voted against having a mayor, with an average of less than 30% of registered voters turning up.

This graph shows just how low the voter turnout of each borough was: 

The glorious weather did little to help increase the voter turnout, but did make for some fantastic photos of our great county, including the return of the brilliant hashtag #dogsatpollingstations

Here's how yesterday played out: 

The mayoral election used the Supplementary Vote, meaning voters could also cast a secondary vote for their next favourite candidate. How will this work out for the candidates? 

With the Conservative Party storming to early victories in yesterday's local council elections across the country, can their mayoral candidate make waves here in Manchester,  a traditionally safe Labour area?  

Stay with the Northern Quota to find out, including LIVE updates on results and interviews from the count itself