Labour councillor wins the local election for Chorlton and Chorlton Park

Matthew Benham has won the local election and will be the elected councillor for the next four years and Dave Dawson has been re elected for the next four years for Chorlton.

On the 4th May the local residents of Chorlton had the opportunity to vote for their councillors from 7am to 10pm on the day.

In Chorlton, the turnout was 42.03%

The candidates up for election were Matthew Benham from the Labour Party, Keith Berry from The Conservative Party, Rhona Brown from the Libral Democrats, Michael Elston from the Independent Party and Anne Power from the Green Party.

Benham won the the most number of votes which recorded at 2,901. In second place was Anne Power for the Green Party who gained 850 votes, third place was Rhona Brown from Liberal Democrats having 308 votes, fourth place was Kieth Berry The Conservative Part candidate who got 180 votes Michael Elston came last for the Independent party with 77 votes.

Matthew told NQ: “I am delighted to be re elected for Chorlton Labour. Thank you to everyone who voted for me and for all the support from my brilliant ward colleagues, Eve and John and my agent Roland. I will continue to work hard for Chorlton residents over the next for years”

In Chorlton Park the turnout was 35.62%

The candidates who were up for election were Amaan Hashmi for Liberal Democrats, Dave Dawson for the Labour Party, Andrew Tang for The Conservative Party and Richard Miles Stubbs Walton for The Green Party.

Dave Rawson, a Labour Party candidate won the election with the most number of votes at 3,065

The Green Party came runners up with 810 votes, in third place was Liberal Democrats with 434 votes and a blow for The Conservative Party gaining the lowest votes of 228.

Dave Dawson told NQ: “I am thrilled to be re elected for labour councillor for Chorlton Park for the next four years, I will ensure I put the people first and continue to work hard on the future of Chorlton Park”