JP Cooper Interview at the Christmas Lights switch on

  • NQ's Freya Penson and Meliza Sestito caught up with Manchester's JP Cooper before the big Christmas lights switch-on 

JP Cooper is a 28-year-old self-taught musician from Manchester. He's increased in popularity since appearing on Jonas Blue’s summer hit, Perfect Strangers. With over 14 million listens on his latest single ‘September Song’ it's safe to say that JP Cooper is one to watch!

We had the chance to interview him shortly before he hit the stage at the annual Manchester Christmas Lights Switch On.

NQ: Hi JP, it's a pleasure to meet you!

JP: It's lovely to meet you too!

NQ: You're not new to the Manchester music scene are you?

JP: Well, obviously I'm a Manchester boy, so most of my musical career has definitely started here in Manchester, from the smallest venues to this high point tonight.

NQ: It's definitely going to be a great awesome night! What's your favourite venue in Manchester?

JP: It’s hard to choose but I really like Gorilla, I've played there a few times and I really really like it there! You know there's bigger ones but there's just something about Gorilla that I absolutely love.

NQ: What is your favourite song of yours to perform live?

JP: The one that I'm loving at the minute is a song that hasn't been released yet, it's called ‘Change’ We just finished a tour and it's been a lot of fun performing ‘Change’ live so you'll have to keep an eye out for that one!

NQ: Are you going to be performing ‘Change’ tonight?

JP: No, not tonight, just the classics tonight!

NQ: So what's your favourite one out of the set tonight?

JP: We're playing my new single ‘September Song’ so at the minute I'm super excited about that! We're also going to be playing the Jonas Blue single which was a big smash over the summer, it's nice to share some new material.

NQ: How was it to see how ‘Perfect Strangers’ increased in popularity?

JP: Actually it's a lot to get your head around, reading the numbers of how many people have bought and streamed the single is bananas.

NQ: It's become such a huge summer song really!

JP: Yeah and you know when you write something like that you never really have any idea how it's going to go and how many people it's going to reach. So it's just been mind blowing really, absolutely amazing!

NQ: So how long have you been doing music for then?

JP: It’s got to be about 15 years now, literally from very humble beginnings but luckily people are starting to take note.

NQ: We took a look at your Spotify listeners and the numbers have been racking up quite quickly!

JP: Yeah it’s been incredible, ‘September Song’ has had an amazing start. It's got the most numbers that I've ever had on any of my personal stuff. It's been so interesting to see that growth!

NQ: Thank you very much for your time JP and good luck with your performance tonight.

JP: Thank you very much!


Honestly we could've chatted to JP Cooper for a long time, he's a very humble guy who's starting to come to terms with his sudden increase in popularity. It's obvious that he loves what he does with such passion. Keep an eye out for his upcoming single ‘Change’, his latest single ‘September Song’ is out now!