The issue of spiking: we take the pulse on the streets of Manchester

  • Today the NQ went to St Peters square to ask people about the issue of spiking and what they believe should be done to correct this issue
  • Additional reporting Erin Tait and Jessica Thompson

A recent surge in drink spiking in bars and clubs in Manchester has let to protests in the city and calls for establishments to take firmer action.

We asked people on the streets what they thought of the issue.

Kieran Green- Lacey, student aged 18 said: “Spiking has never really worried me until late as there has been so many people being spiked in my area.

“I think that searches should be conducted on everyone that enters the club”

Theatre worker Jazz Singh, 25, said: “Especially with the recent increase in people being spiked I think there should be more security on how people get things through.

“In recent times the hostility towards men has changed the way I act on a night out now”. 

Christina Jones, 19, living in Manchester as a student, said: “I think people could be checked more thorough on the entrance to clubs”, adding that “we were scared to go out because of the spiking”.  

Spiking in Manchester
Christina Jones, aged 19, pictured left

Ciara King, 19, of Sawbridgeworth, now living and working as a bartender in Manchester, said: “Practically, measures such as checking everyone on the door could help but it may lead to more racial profiling.”

Retired Janet Treadeell, aged 76, of Lichfield said: “It’s time something was done, it’s a shame the university students can’t go out and enjoy themselves.

“We were disgusted, police should be involved”. 

Anthony Jones, 31, said: “I’ve never been spiked at the moment but I’ve heard that it happened to a few people so I think that it’s bad.

“The clubs could serve alchohol in bottles so people cant be spiked.”

Spiking in Manchester
Anthony Jpnes in St Peter’s Square