Islamic high school in Manchester helps raise £1m in just ONE week for Islamic Relief charity

  • More than £1m raised for charity across seven countries by the Islamic relief community 
  • Students from different countries showcase their culture through outfits, food and entertainment

Students at the Manchester Islamic High School for Girls held a cultural food festival event for charity as part of an international event.

It was organised to help orphans while showcasing different cultures represented at the school.

Varieties of food from different countries such as Libya, Pakistan, Sudan, Nigeria, Lebanon were displayed, with students dressed in their different cultural outfits.

The students also held a fashion show during the week showcasing different cultural wardrobes.

Organiser Jamila Kossar said: “Every year the school organises charity week and collect money for orphans by the Islamic Relief and this has been ongoing for ten years.

Students and parents at the cultural food festival

“The school has 25 parents from different cultures and as such the students took  responsibility and played a big part in making the event a success by getting their parents involved with making the foods from their individual country to represent their culture, buying their outfits and setting up their stalls for the event.

“Each year we choose a project to help the orphans and for this week we are doing it for multiple countries around the world.”

Hamzah Adam, community fundrasing officer of the Islamic Relief UK, added: “The charity week is an Islamic Relief fundraising innitiative which is led by students and volunteers.

“It is an international campaign which runs currently in seven countries across four continents.

“Each year volunteers and students just like the MIGSG come together to raise over £1million in the space of a week for orphans and children projects all across the world.

“The main purpose of this year’s charity week isn’t to just raise money but the message is unity.

“We encourage everyone to come together regardless of the race, religion, culture, skin or whatsoever it may be to put their differences aside and come together to unite for the orphans and children and help those that are less fortunate.”

Rania Shakanti, representing Libya

Rania Shakanti, a student representing Libya, said: “I feel comfortable that we are able to help other people that are in need and it shows the unity among us knowing that we are here for each other.

“For this year’s charity week, we made food from different countries which would be sold and the money that we collect would be sent to charity in the poor countries that need help.

“Prior to the event, we had organised a pampering night for sisters where we had face masks, massages, mehndi and lots more. It is great to be aware that there are people who think of others that are in need.”