Injured rugby player Katie is OK, says coach

Katie Mellor, the MMU womens’ rugby player injured in last week’s match at Platt Lane, is not seriously injured, her coach Adrian Moffatt said this week.

Katie was caught under a pile of players as she tried to prevent a try by Liverpool Uni that would have brought the scores to 28–17, as the visitors fought back strongly in the second half. The game was being shown live on the Matchday Live livestream.

As she could not be moved from her position on the tryline for fears of further injury, the referee stopped the game at that point: 63 minutes. The score is likely to stand, but may be considered by game officials.

Katie lay on the pitch for two hours waiting for an ambulance to take her for checks at hospital, but she is now at home.

Coach Adrian Moffatt said: “I have had a message from Katie saying that she is still in some discomfort but is at home and recovering. She may even be able to come to the Exeter game at home this Wednesday to cheer on the girls.”

Team physio Naomi Simpson was praised for her actions throughout the drama by MMU Rugby head coach Rob Jones this week, who sent this message to her and to the ground staff at Platt Lane:

“I want to say thank you for the professional way in which you supported Naomi, who was looking after what was a potentially very serious injury to Katie Mellor.

“Naomi, thank you for looking after Katie and going the extra mile and extra hours until the ambulance arrived.  The same can be said for Adrian too. Thank you for comforting Katie’s parents over the phone and staying the duration until the ambulance arrived.

“Katie was in great hands from facility staff to coaches to medical.”