IndieFlicks holding independent film night in Manchester

  • IndieFlicks, set up to bring filmmakers together and provide the general public something new, is returning to Manchester
  • The mini-independent film festival will showcase a variety of quality short films from around the world
  • NQ will be at their next event, so keep your eyes peeled!

IndieFlicks is coming back to Manchester on 7 December, to showcase a variety of independent short films. The NQ caught up with the event's organiser, John Pank, to see what the event would have in stall for winter punters.

Manchester, as a city, is world-renowned for its music scene. It's independent film scene, however, is about to explode according to John: "I think Manchester really has potential for filmmakers.

"As a film-maker myself, looking to continuously learn, experiment and create with like minded-people, what I struggled with was discovering those who I could collaborate with.

"I now feel I have established myself as a Manchester-based filmmaker within the filmmaking community. I don't think this would have been possible without IndieFlicks."

Asked about how IndieFlicks can help those who are aspiring to become film-makers, John mentioned how it provided a great platform that transcends the locality of the city: "IndieFlicks was originally set up to support the filmmaking community, both locally and internationally.

"The event helps to provide quality short films to both inspire aspiring film-makers, and provide a platform to those submitting their work to us."

Q&A with film-makers

"We always host a Q&A at each screening with either the filmmakers from the programme who have travelled to see us, or with selected local filmmakers who are looking to promote or update us on their projects.

"On top of that, we have a large number of creatives attend each event from all areas of arts."

Tickets for the event offer:

  • Entry to the event
  • Free programme
  • A vote towards your favourite film
  • Happy hour drinks all night
  • A Q&A with special guest
  • Networking opportunities with creatives throughout

IndieFlicks functions by film-makers submitting their work to their website, and is held on the first Wednesday of every month, both in Manchester and Liverpool. Tickets are £6 and can also be purchased from their website, but they sell out quick so be sure to buy one quickly!