Hundreds of students scramble to sell Warehouse Project tickets after audio issues

  • Sound and technical issues were reported at the Repercussions event in September
  • Over 300 Warehouse Project tickets have since been listed on social media
  • The tickets initially sold out within hours when they were released in May

Students are frantically selling their tickets for upcoming Warehouse Project shows after sound and technical issues were said to have “ruined” shows.

Over 300 tickets have been listed on the Manchester Students Group Facebook page. Offers range from £20 to £50 per ticket, with one Facebook user even stating that they “just want it gone”.

It follows unimpressive experiences from the Repercussions event in September. 

Dan Salter, a mathematics and computer science student at the University of Bristol, said: “We had quite a poor experience at the Repercussions event there.

“We found Depot to be extremely quiet, to the extent where you could be near the front and not need to raise your voice to be heard over the music.”

He said it contributed to a dull and lifeless atmosphere at the rave event.

Another stage at Warehouse Project also encountered problems during this event, according to Dan.

“The speakers halfway back in the Archive stage completely stopped working halfway through the night, meaning unless you were stood in the front few metres of the crowd, the volume and bass were almost completely absent,” he said.

“The music is the one thing people are there for and not being able to hear it properly really ruined my experience.”

George Youel, a PR and marketing student at Manchester Metropolitan University, believes the ticketing system for the event also caused panic and a desire to sell.

“You can’t get the barcodes for the tickets until 5 days before the event, so we’ve been unable to sell them until [the Tuesday before],” he said.

This may explain the influx of students selling their tickets for the upcoming shows.

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While many students complained about the recent Warehouse Project events, huge crowds still gathered for the weekend shows

Warehouse Project did not respond to a request from the Northern Quota for a comment.

Despite these concerns, the Warehouse Project events continue to be well-received on social media, with the opening event being termed a smash-hit.

Tickets for the Warehouse Project 2021 shows went on sale in May, which was described as a “mad scramble”.

These shows marked the much-anticipated return to Warehouse Project live events after almost two years of being unable to go ahead due to Covid-19 restrictions.

The events, which sold out almost instantly, were billed to have exciting headline acts including Carl Cox and Peggy Gou.

Warehouse Project’s events are running from September to New Year’s Day at Depot Mayfield. Some tickets are still available to purchase via Ticketmaster.