Hulme residents ‘furious’ over illegal firework displays and call on police to intervene

  • Fireworks being set off in Hulme Park 'most nights' over last two weeks
  • 'Furious' residents call on police to do something about illegal displays

Residents are calling on the police to put a stop to illegal firework displays happening in Hulme Park for the second week in a row. 

Category two and three fireworks – illegal in public places unless used by licensed professionals – have been being set off from Hulme Park ‘most nights’ for the last two weeks.

The displays have been carrying on into the early hours and causing upset to the local community. 

Some residents have taken to Twitter to express their frustration about the fireworks causing disruption and upset to young children and pets.

Resident Naomi Gwen, 22, said: “Most nights for the last couple of weeks there has been fireworks being set off in the park and it is becoming a real issue for the local community. 

“I have two dogs who get very stressed when they hear loud noises and the displays are lasting after midnight and into the early hours. 

“It isn’t fair on us residents to have to listen to fireworks going off all night and having the dogs bark through the night as they’re stressed makes things even worse.

“Fireworks are clearly very easy to get a hold of these days and they should not be.

“We are furious as the police don’t seem to be doing anything about this – we understand they have bigger issues to deal with, but we just wish they could send somebody to patrol the park in the evening to put an end to this issue.” 

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Fireworks are being set off from Hulme Park

 A police spokesperson said: “If children are setting off fireworks in your area, our first advice is to ask them politely to stop – it’s possible they’re unaware that they are breaking the law. 

“If people know their parents, they could perhaps ask them to intervene. Failing that, you should contact us and log an official report.”

Incidents can be reported to the police on 101.