Huge turnout for energy cap bill protest in Manchester city centre

  • 49 organisations supported Manchester's People Assembly protesting against rise energy bills
  • Protestors marched across the city centre 
  • Demonstrations in more than 26 locations across the United Kingdom 

Manchester’s People Assembly organised a national protest against the increase in the national living cost. 

The People’s Assembly had organised for the protest to take place in 26 locations across the United Kingdom on Saturday. 

Protestors gathered by the Wellington Statue in Piccadilly Gardens in the rain to make a stand against the rise of energy and rent costs and march for approximately 2.2 miles across the city centre to demonstrate their disagreement with the rise in national insurance tax, energy costs and rent prices.

Laura Pidcock, from the People’s Assembly addressed the crowd stating: “We can say this is not happening in my name. We can unite as a class. We can unite like we’ve never united before.” 

The demonstration, although focussed around the energy crisis, gathered around 49 supporting organisations, some of which handed out placards and leaflets as well as signs and flags for attendees to march with.

The Socialist Alternative, who set up a stall at the protest called it the ‘capitalist energy crisis’, urged protesters to “fight back”.

A leaflet handed out at the march claimed government was ‘on the ropes’.